We pride ourselves employing some of the best software developers we can find to continuously better your experience. Our interface, content and sensor technology is unique to our products.  

The displayed hardware is a carefully selected set with many custom built elements to optimize the archery cinema experience for an outstanding performance.  

Welcome to BowSim 4D - The most advanced archery training simulator in the world. 


The BowSim 4D sensor

The Sensor

Bullet proof?

No idea. What we have tested is its resistance against direct arrow impact from our #70 compound bow. 12 arrows exploded on its beautiful aluminum casing that protects the patented technology. While the sensor should never get near an arrow during normal training it is pretty comforting to know that it is water, dust and shock resistant and survived any treatment we have put it through during the testing in our production lab.

The BowSim4D computer unit

The computer unit

A quiet and beautiful little powerhouse

This little masterpiece is Made in Germany and only 55mm high, 200mm wide and 225mm long. It features a beautiful high-quality aluminum casing. Any hardware component included has been carefully selected to enable the most advanced 4D training experience. 

I'm pretty powerful.

Just a sound system?

Yeah, sort of. But a pretty powerful one.

With BowSim 4D sound is really important. You want to be sure you hear the cool beats in our games an not to miss out on the sounds in the natural habitat of our 4D animals. A good quality wireless sound system comes with every order and is readily configured to rock n roll.

Hi. I'm the BowSim 4D wireless footswitch

Our Wireless Footswitch

If anything in life could be so easy!

We want you to focus 100% on having fun with your friends, family, and your customers. To enable an effective and focused training environment we have eliminated most of the unnecessary navigation features. Our wireless footswitch takes it a step further by allowing to submit certain commands to your unit without having to put down your bow and arrow. Brilliant!

The good old!

Easy navigation

The good old...

There are different ways to control your unit. A wireless keyboard and mouse is part of every order. While you can later upgrade to a touchscreen navigation this is our preferred navigation for the starter kit. Everyone knows how to use it and it is easily replaced if one of your guests drowns it with a massive XXL soft drink.