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    Panasonic PT-VW530
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    Optoma W416
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    Hitachi CP-WX4022WN

Any projector works for BowSim 4D but of course there are some that do the job better than others. Especially when it comes to the format or image ratio. Each of our customers uses BowSim 4D in a slightly different invironment. It is important the projector meets your requirements.

In our online shop we offer a few recomendations for good quality projector we really like. Those are propably not the best for every customer but from our experience great value. If you find a good second hand projector or lokal or online deal you will propably save a lot of money.

We recomend you shop around a little. Sure you will find the projectors we recomended cheaper elsewhere and maybe other projectors that offer even better value. Talk to a local or online specialist if you want to do further research.

All in all it is a very straight forward approach. If the projector you choose is bright enough and you choose a WXGA (or any other 16:10) image ratio you are winning. Projectors with other image ratios will still work but some of the brightness might get lost.

Most of our customers only start looking for a projector after familiarizing themselves with their BowSim 4D unit and reading our recomendation in the user manual. Our user manual also contains tips on how to best install the hardware in your shooting lane.