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What are 4D animals and where does their name come from?

This is quickly explained to everyone that understands archery. 4D adds the missing dimension to the sport:


4D animals are targets that move naturally over the screen. Those could be dragons, dinos or any other animal that is walking the planet today. Often sounds of the natural surroundings of these animals can be heard and you need to await the right moment and the right positioning until you are able to release. 4D animals also aim to educate the archer about different species and their behavior and origin.

About time

So why is time so important for how you will train archery in the future? Until today archery is a sport where you draw on a string and when feeling most comfortable you release to send a stick on its way to the desired destination. Your target will patiently wait for you, no matter if you take another breath or even go for a quick coffee or a kebab. Your target will be there, for sure.

Archery originates from hunting and battle. Back then the targets never waited for the archer. It was a matter of shooting fast and instinctive and often at moving targets. Timing meant survival.  

A lack of sophisticated training opportunities

Back to today's competition archery. We believe that the reason that today's archery competitions are held the way they are is due to a lack of better training opportunities. Imagine sophisticated 4D training simulators would have already been available to archery since let’s say 100 years. Do you believe a world archery competition would look anything like what it looks like today? Probably not. An archery competition would more likely be the most thrilling event with thousands of spectators.

If you add time as a new dimension to archery the sport becomes a different one. You are in full draw... you might get time for another breath, maybe not. Maybe you have to come out of full draw again, reconsider to take a snap shot just a second later. Your target will decide when it is time to release and your skills will be put to the test.

Use 4D technology in your business

There is no doubt that 4D training will be available in your region before long. Many businesses across Europe are discovering the opportunities of making authentic training available to their customer 24/7 and 365 days a year within much smaller indoor facilities than ever before. An almost infinite set of challenges can be offered to a diverse mix of customers.
Welcome to BowSim 4D!

From bowhunting to creating 4D animals - Harald Bettin co-founder of BowSim 4D

Harald Bettin

BowSim Company

Knowing the ins and outs of bowhunting gave us a great edge to present 4D animals in an authentic and respectful manner that helps to educate archers about the environment and bowhunters to improve their skills towards more ethical and successful hunting.