Welcome to a new home archery experience

The experience of shooting a good selection of 3D animals outdoors and in good weather conditions is hard to beat. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to store 3D animals worth thousands of dollars, nor the space that is needed for such a setup. BowSim 4D MICRO is an affordable and practical solution that brings the full range of archery experiences to your home.

Trailer (German)

An overview

• Many more options for training with 4D animals than any 3D facility.
• Higher distance simulation by changing the target size. Perfect if your garden, cellar or living room only allows a limited range.
• Hundreds of moving and stationary targets.
• Loading your own targets is made easy.
• Minimal storage space when the system is not used.
• Easy to transport! Take it to the next barbecue.
• Fast setup! Installation in a few minutes.


BowSim4D MICRO is the little brother of the established BowSim 4D archery simulator. The latest software and innovation has now been optimized for the MICRO version for your home. BowSim 4D MICRO has the same great features as its big brother but is super cheap compared to any small range of 3D targets.


• Over 200 moving 4D animals. Over 50 digital slides and goals.
• Build training lists with your favorite content.
• Take screenshots to re-evaluate your hits after fast shooting.
• Enter up to 4 player names.
• Different target sizes.
• 10 new training clips per month available as an upgrade.